Management Board


Whether IT-Concept is opening new markets, developing a new product or exploiting new sales channels – the two-person Managing Board is involved in all fundamental decisions, setting of goals, organization and company leadership.


Ing. Vassilios Roussis

Since April 2000 Mr. Roussis is the Managing Director of IT-Concept Software GmbH. Vassilios Roussis does several Studies in Constructions and he has coined the Products of IT-Concept from the early Beginning in the 90´s. He is the head of the operating activities in all Distribution Countries of IT-Concept all over Europe.

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Kragl

Since March 2003 Mr. Kragl is the Financial Director of IT-Concept Software GmbH. Andreas Kragl does the Architectural Studies in Graz (Austria). Coeval he grow up with the Training and Support Services of IT-Concept since 1997. In 2003 he joined the Corporation. He is responsible for the Sales Activities in all Distribution Countries of IT-Concept.

Chief Financial Officer