Your standard software can never go completely to the individual needs of companies.

By concentrating on the essentials the processes in work can be simplified.

Therefore, we first create the focus on the analysis and optimization of work processes and then derive the development of implementation of those optimizations. We would like to assist you with the phase of the reflection on the usual and sometimes "beloved" planning processes flow of your business.

What processes have actually the greatest impact on the targeted development of the operation and the terms thereof profitability ?

Where are the best opportunities for standardization and improvement ?

Where is the greatest chance of improving your own company's situation?

Let our three principles become yours:

1. Take on Existing consideration

We will not try to change everything at once and completely redefine your way of work.

We first find the common points where a process improvement is doing particularly well , and will focus on bringing them in accordance with the best Solutions and Technologies.


2. Give security

How much technology actually needs your daily work?

Where is the line between technological advance and confusion?

We will gladly check together a practice -related solution with the given options.


3. Compare honestly

Check / Evaluate your existing software applications and work processes and compare this directly with the work-flow and the results of our products and services. The advantage is always in overall of know-how , data entry and modification activities during the work flow.

You will experience joy , about the personal style of counseling.

You are not a "software-man." Therefore, you must trust that you opposite is man, who can listen to you and would like to understand your ideas wherever possible.

If you all do not mind, and you want Contact with us, we look forward to your call or your E-Mail to be your Service-Company.


Your IT Concept Software GmbH Management Board