ITC Items

Intelligent objects

Very practical is the selection of the objects in one catalogue at the click of a mouse and inserting or „Pull“ in the current plan. As they usually are modifiable in Material and color, the room can be designed quickly andcreatively. Moreover intelligent programming: Washbasins & CO. know where they belong and take always the correct height on the wall.

Conceived Planning

With ITC ITEMS ® you get professional armamentarium, because with retrievable data baths can be designed more successful, creative and stress-free. On the one hand you plan with actual forms, models, sizes, colors or surfaces witch are stated from the manufacturer, for second you can handle realistic your calculations, stock lists, and so on by the actually used furniture.

Your advantage

The jender working process doesnt only provides significant time and cost savings. It also effects an increase in quality in the design, planning and execution. Besides, who else can ever take a aerial view or commit it virtually?

Neat insights

Whatever the fantasy produces – show it. Use the opertunity to integrate the bathplan datas in their usual plan environment and quickly reach the desired goal.The possibilities are different from software to software – also that have to be said.

Service Center

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