Building Coordination

Both products are able for those, who do not only occupy exclusively with SiGe- and building coordination, because the use is very simple and there`s no workshop needed.

Intuitive operation

The construction schedule is simply to use with usual Windows commands. Complicated submenus, cryptic commands, and a bloated interfaces belongs to the past. Undo and redo your changes is possible. In addition, any changes are noted in the log window.


A big plus is that the hierarchy, with it the entire period of construction planning is clear and manageable. The hierarchy is divided into: construction site environment, equipment, consumables, and of course the trades. The number of sub-levels can be chosen freely. The clear tree structure allows you to never lose the overview and considers the view of the essentials. Within your logical structure, positions can be moved freely. An annoying numbering drops.

Interface and customization

Adjust the design and content of the bar chart, or rather the whole surface to your needs. Optical help (such as the display of the current week, highlighting the highlited bar to bar label) will allow to keep a cool head also for major projects.


In addition to automatic linking of sub-items, you can create any links within your project. Choose if the link should take place at the beginning, term or the end. Links are also possible on main items over.


No laborious setup of the printer is necessary. Document, printer, content and appearance set (eg margins for head and plan follow different leaves, contents of the plan's head, etc.). Done. Automatic scaling of content so that you remain legible. Check the expression in advance of the print preview. The following documents can be displayed: companies and construction schedule.


Define the participating (sub) companies. When you create a new contact , so is this automatically saved and from now also usable in other projects.

Start of construction

Often the difference between the SiGe plans in detail or just different temporal sequences. For this reason, you can always build upon existing (similar) projects to access and modify the start of construction. Without that the links are lost.


Forget the times when you are in front of the site visit with the creation of protocols and so had to deal. Our ITC Baukoordinator provides checklists expression is automatically generated in a compact form. See for yourself.

Get started

With our two products we offer you a simple software for SiGE- and building coordination. ITC Building Coordinator is the ideal medium for planning- and building site coordinator. ITC Building scheduler is with his flexible figuration and use for all involved in building business.

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