Version Overview

In this you can prepare the geometry data for various input tools for advanced calculation programs.

Experience has shown, that in addition to the superior determination of building volumes and surfaces via ARCHline.XP, a more compact and faster solution is needed for energy advisors.
Now ecoline speed offers a variety of predefined parameterised forms for a fas geometry input. This also includes roof forms, which can be adjusted through automatical geometric determining the position of the cutting edge.
Various combinations of several rooms/volumes allows a comprehensible portrayal of the building structure as the basis for the final calculation.

You can appropriate the surface of the finished defined volumes with the respective qualities for the building physical calculations in the usual way.
Ensuing openings (windows and doors) are assigned to each area, here you can enter procentual amount or enter exact dimensions.
The building structure is readjustable at any time! You can also change the geometry in ecoline Speed in retrospect. Subsequently you release the required calculations in ecotech.

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What you always expected by your software as a designer and energy-certification-calculator has become reality. ecoline offers you he unique opportunity to create the plan and the energy certification in one interactive step.

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