ARCHline nova incl. Interior


Drafting (with wall/window/door in groundplan)
Standards 2D e.g. Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc, Spline, Hatch, ColorGradients, Dimensioning
AutoCAD compatibility
Pixel-Images (jpg, bmp, tiff) and modifing
Libraries (Objects, Symbols, Materials)
Modeling Architectural Elements with different styles (Wireframe Grafics, Hidden Line, Color, Hatch, Shadows)
Drawing Comparison
Raster image Calibration
Concept 3D (Urbanistic)
Rendering + insert 3D modeling in photographic Background
Imagecalibration and 1bit Vectorisation (s/w Images)
Tiling, Decoration 2D and 3D
Animation, Building Animation

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Create your interior design and impress your clients. ARCHline nova incl. Interior is a software that you can use to create your interior design including 3D model, the whole technical documentation, quantity take-offs, photorealistic images, and 3D movies.

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