3dsMax PlugIn

ITC Thea Render Edition

Why Thea for 3dsMax?

Thea for 3dsMax incorporates all the capabilities of Thea Render inside 3D Studio and adopts an easy workflow for the user which makes the process of switching to the new render engine as easy as it can get.

Integration inside 3dsMax

All Thea functionality gets fully integrated into 3dsmax through this plug-in as a new render engine. All possibilities of Thea material system are here, while access to Thea Material editor is kept, for user convenience. All lights types, render configuration settings, darkroom or render channels can be created or configured inside host application.

Support for Advanced features

All kinds of geometry are supported, including deformable meshes, geometric modifiers, renderable splines, compound objects or particle flow systems. Animation is also supported, as well as instances and external references. Render jobs can be sent through backburner without special considerations.

Interactive Render (IR)

Fully integrated interactive render (IR) engine. Can be used as floating window or as an extended viewport. Any changes on materials, lights or cameras are reflected instantly on the IR viewport. Geometry changes and object creation and deletion are considered as well. The IR can be used to preview exposure, DOF or any tonemap settings applied from darkroom tab.

Additional Tools

Thea for 3dsmax includes a proxy system to handle external Thea models. These models can be generated inside 3dsmax and used afterwards rendering easily high complexity scenes. The plugin also adds direct support for Forest Pack scatter system (by Itoosoft). A Thea Random Material has been included to add more variations on replicated objects. Several tools have been also included to improve the user experience and workflow, like a material converter, a light catalogue for Thea lights and a resource collector. 

Video - Thea for 3dsMAX