SketchUp PlugIn

ITC Thea Render Edition

Why Thea for SketchUp?

Thea for SketchUp is a combination of powerful rendering engines of Thea with the simplicity of SketchUp. Having biased, unbiased and interactive render modes (GPU support soon-to-be-available as well) at your fingertips, inside SketchUp, is an joyful experience. The plugin lets you enrich your models with highly detailed three dimensional content, breaking old limitations related to handled model complexity.

Main Features

• Instancing of External Models (as Proxies)
• Point (Omni/Spot/IES), Area & Environmental Lighting
• Advanced Camera Settings
• Integrated & External Thea Material Editor
• Darkroom with Multiple Controls and Render Channels
• Cross-Platform (MS Windows / Mac OSX)
• Saving Thea Settings with SketchUp Scenes
• Export of SketchUp Scene to Thea Studio

External Models

Thea for SketchUp provides a solution that overcomes limitations in terms of complexity of the final model. High quality external Thea models can be inserted as an empty wireframe box. In a rendered image, they will be translated into very detailed originals. This allows an easy population of your model with impressively looking trees, grass, cars and detailed furniture. There are already a few libraries of render ready objects.

Interactive Render

The interactive render mode allows you to preview the composition, materials and lights in your scene interactively. It is a valuable help in the workflow, which gives you an immediate visualization of the environment, depth of field, reflections, light distribution, material properties and external Thea models in a scene.

Material Lab

Thea for SketchUp lets you benefit from full Thea Material Editor. All kinds of layering, tone-mapping, displacement, light emittance and procedural textures are available inside SketchUp. Licensed users can download additional high quality material libraries for rendering.

Panoramic Images

Thea for SketchUp lets you render a model using a camera with spherical projection. The resulting image will be a panorama that can by viewed by an external program or a web application. It is especially valuable for presenting interiors to clients. It gives an excellent impression of a proposed solution.

Render Channels

Many SketchUp users posses exceptional post-processing skills. Thea for SketchUp allows rendering a model with multiple images containing separate channels, popularly called "passes". Those channels may include, for example, shadow, depth, direct light, transparency and reflection information. Combining them in an artistic way gives full control over the final image and lets you create otherwise-hard-to-achieve effects.

Export to Studio

Thea for SketchUp makes it possible for user to export the scene to Thea Standalone Studio and take advantage of additional staging tools. Using the 64-bit Studio (currently available on Windows / Linux), one can render heavy scenery in very high resolutions without RAM limitation.

Video Thea for SketchUp