Ernst Pallier-Rosenberger

Customer feedback ARCHline

Since my entrance in the year 2004 I am glad I've decided to go for ARCHline.XP and changed from AutoCAD/ADT.

Already from the 3rd Project was an enhancement of my working speed noticeably! The average rate increase of between 30 and 40 percent in a very short time.

The comfortable data-entry occurs solely in the floor plan. Out of it can be directly generated comfortable slices, views and perspectives, visualizing and quantities.

I would absolutely mention the features for the appraisal in ARCHline.XP, whose work results in an optimal and accurate basis.

The product support and well-accessible user hotline are very knowledgeable and work quickly and correctly! All upgrades have been and are steps in the right direction and based on the user and whose requirements.

Mr. Ernst Pallier-Rosenberger | A-8322 Studenzen