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Customer feedback ARCHline

I started with Nemetschek as CAD, and with this I worked about 10 years. At my company switching to Weixelbaumer I had the option to choose, with wich software I want to work. After I had looked at several programs, I decided for ARCHline and have remained for many good reasons there. I`ve been working for 9 years with it and I`m very satisfied. The program is easy to use and we achieved very efficient results. The new rendering engine in ARCHline 2009 brought massive changes. After a successful workshop at ITC and the first projects I can say that the quality has improved significantly, without much more effort than it used to have. Another very important point is the personal attention in Perg, and the hotline. By other suppliers the user is just a multi-digit number. IT-Concept is a very competent team, who finds an answer to all problems. Also it is very important for me, to know the persons personally, with those i have contact regular. Finally I can only recommend ARCHline!

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