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Customer feedback ARCHline

For many years we specifically use ARCHline.XP for our broad array of planning services. (Visualization competitions, interior planning, Residential Developments and detail-planning of often extreme construction sites like Mountain station Hochschneeberg NÖ)

Our first projects were created from 2000 with the support of IT-Concept and put into action. Parallel to the development of ARCHline.XP, our complexity of requirements on concensus and efficient construction software increased. We cover specifically all design ideas, quantity assessments fortenders, government filings, fundamentals for building physical evaluations with ARCHline.XP and because a picture speaks more then 1000 words, we want to present a little bit of our work.

In the visualizations we constructed all basics in ARCHline.XP and refined it with external broadcasting programs. The salt in the soup is certainly ARCHline.XP - the ideas of space and building objects are conjured up in record time and we all know time is money, and we can earn quite well with it.

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