Team Plan Architects

Customer feedback ARCHline

For about 4 ½ years we have been working with ARCHline.XP and would like a word of praise for the consistent and innovative program development and implementation of ideas and desires of your customers.

In retrospect, the decision was absolutely correct for your product and for our office has significant advantages in competition with other architects we worked with a program for the 2D drawings (caddy), then had to reload the data into a 3D program (Arcon type) and enter it manually for the tendering of the tradesmen benefits the masses in a third program. This was very time consuming and costly.

Today - with ARCHline.XP in combination with the program Allbudget release from BIR, which is seamlessly integrated into ARCHline.XP - we do the work in about 45 - 50% of the time that we had to spend earlier for this. Meaningful 3D representations, we also receive almost automatic.

For example we have in the past 2 months, at a cost of approximately 350 hours, designed a 4-star plus hotel with underground parking, restaurant and wellness area and calculated. This project includes a restaurant with conservatory, a rooftop cafe, 154 rooms and suites, approximately 48,300 cubic meters of space, land of approximately 13'400 square meters and a cost of 24.7 million euros.

To the final planning application, we still expect at a cost of approximately 150 hours. When this is completed, but then we are all alert data for further processing prior to the item level.

If a planning application has been systematically created with ARCHline.XP and Allbudget, are due to the structure of programs in addition about 70% of Ausführungs-/Detailplanung and approximately 85-90% of the tender of the trades are also completed. Changes in the project can also be implemented very quickly drawing and reassessing. Access to project data with the earlier comparison to the current project, which is possible by ARCHline.XP represents an optimal documentation of project progress.

In particular, we expect the integration of external documents to Word-/Excel-Basis, which is realized in the new version ARCHline.XP 2008, this still an increase in the transparency of Projekt-/Änderungsdokumentation. The processing costs of the projects we have reduced the use of your program ARCHline.XP in conjunction with the program Allbudget of the company BIB by approximately 55% compared to previously. Also, we get a very early stage (with ARCHline.XP + Allbudget drawn design) a very high cost of security still for the realization of major projects is an absolute prerequisite.

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