Harald Stach

Customer feedback ecoline

My feedback on the software and ECOTECH GBR ARCHline: The interaction of CAD input data with the help of ARCHline. and evaluation of ECOTECH building calculator for Energy thrilled me most.

The combination of these tools optimize the effort of entering the relevant data for building energy performance considerably and by the 'Show item in ARCHline function is a unprecedented performance in the processing of components in building computers ECOTECH possible.

In a short time ARCHline and ECOTECH been building computers fixed components for an effective basis for development to strengthen the explanatory power in my consulting work.

As a reviewer I put high value on evidence-documents whose accountability is given only through the use of ARCHline ECOTECH and building computers.

This allows complex surfaces or volume of new buildings and existing buildings by identifying specific evidence in relation to the existing plan based on consultation with the built reality.

Mr. Bmst. Ing. Mag. Harald Stach, licensed architect and expert in construction | A-4072 Alkoven