Walter Leiler

Customer feedback ecoline

ECOTECH trend is not limited to the energy certification. I also edit all other building physical aspects of building components like calculation of the heat transfer coefficient, steam diffusion, thermal mass and sound insulation measures. This component engineering offers a clear layout, which is particularly effective in the composite components.

The basic concept of ecoline, to check the caluculation of areas and volumes due a visualization is excellent. In particular, the traceability of an area calculation for the authorities has been substantially improved.

With the development of biological building energy certificate ECOTECH human has been treated another interesting, futuristic aspect. The program of further education includes the efficient handling with the programs and on the other side the actual and the approaching legal and normative basis. This I pass on my customers and thereby increase customer loyalty.

With the support of competent hotline - employees, I could solve any problem occurring to my satisfaction.

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