ITC Academy

The key to your success

We offer you a broad support for working quickly and productive. There are many opportunities to increase your productivity for you and your employees. The ongoing development of ARCHline always offers new features, new solutions and different techniques.

ITC will meet this progress and ongoing development training new or existing content. We offer practical, service training, education, individual training sessions and workshops. Improve your skills, increase your knowledge and acquire CAD skills... Our measures help you to selectively and sustainably.
We provide training in our house, at your office or individually and easily via the Internet. Netviewer makes it possible.
Our training programs are limited to 5 participants. A higher number of participants could be individual approach of the coach to individual participants no longer.

Online training courses and seminars

You can participate via the Internet directly from your office. These trainings are enjoying increasing popularity and can be performed with individuals as well as with groups. More information about the technical procedure, please refer to the Requirements

Your contact person

Mr. Andreas Kragl
Phone +43 (0) 7262 58800 18

Each training register on our site is authentic.
Payment must be made before attending the training.