ecoline Basic Course

ITC Academy

In this workshop you learn how to create a graphical energy certification with ARCHline and Ecotech Trend. Based on a predefined worst-case project, you grow up your knowledge about the possibilities and options of ecoline. The workshop ends with the correct hand over of the cladding to Ecotech Trend.


  • gross-volume-content and its meaning
  • wall, ceiling, roof and floor
  • windows and doors
  • horizontal and vertical relationships
  • zoning
  • different levels
  • import of Ecotech
  • component assignment
  • geometry editing in Ecotech


Advanced knowledge of ARCHline
Advanced knowledge of Ecotech Trend


4 units à 45 minutes, from 09.00 -12.00 or13.00 -16.00 Uhr

Participants minimum

3 persons